1Are Your Leads Exclusive?
Yes! We will sell the same lead to multiple buyers. Once the lead is sent to you, it is your to work and follow up on.  We also do not bill for duplicate leads or calls for a certain period of time. Most of the other lead generation agencies send the same lead to multiple buyers so you need to compete against them. You don’t have to rush to talk to the lead that is sent to you for fear that one of your competitors may beat you to it.

2Are Your Leads Realtime?
Yes. Of course, all live inbound calls are connected directly with your office number. We do not interfere with the inbound call so you can answer it as if they called you directly. Regarding our web form lead, once the individual completes the online web submission form, our system will send that lead to you within seconds. Again, its as if the lead complete a contact form on your own website!

3What Leads Do You Offer?
We provide the highest quality leads for many different categories. We can work with nearly any size budget–we work with large publicly traded companies down to solo practitioners. Regardless of the category of lead we are providing, our leads are in response to an advertisement that prompted that person to reach out for more information. Below are a few of lead categories:

IRS Tax Debt

Merchant Cash Advance

Addiction and Rehab Treatment


Debt Settlement

Home Services (Pest Control, Appliance Repair, Lawn Care, Dentists)