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What Do Our Clients Say About us?

As a business owner that is constantly looking for good lead sources and great companies to work with, I am reluctant to post this review because I want them for myself. Bottom line is On Core is quite good. Management is great, reps are good, and they truly care about the happiness of their clients. I have had great success with them.

Mitch A.

I have worked with many Lead vendors and frankly, I have always been let down. John has always been a straight shooter with me and always delivers. It's a breath of fresh air dealing with someone in this business that actually has Honesty and integrity. Thanks so much for your help with everything, John.

Matthew S.

We use OnCore for debt leads. We do well with their data leads. In the past we have tried some other mediums with John and his team with varying degrees of success. Any time we have an issue with quality or billing, they are always very responsive and fair./ Great company to work with.

Great Leads

As a marketer who sells leads nationwide, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with OnCore. We rely heavily on their quality & service, and they have been outstanding. Thanks Oncore, y'all are the best!

Kevin H.

I had a good feeling when I spoke to John at OnCore before we did business. We started our first TV campaign this week and I can see why I felt that way. They are attentive and deliver exactly what your paying for and then some. The quality of the calls are phenomenal, I am truly grateful to have found OnCore. I feel very confident that my company will grow with them in my corner.

Josh K.

Our ROI has really been very good from OnCoreLeads. $1 returns about $6. Need I say more? They also don't fuss over a disconnect or other malfunction... just give us a credit and move on.

Jon M.



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