OnCore Leads

Knowledge Base About Lead Purchases

Whether this is the first time purchasing leads or you are a seasoned veteran, we know you will have questions about the process. The goal is to help answer some basic questions you may have when it comes to buying leads from us.

This is the most common question we get! We have a separate link to the prices for all our leads. Be sure to check it regularly as we do update lead prices occasionally. If you need that link be sure to reach out!
No one has a crystal ball but being in business for nearly 10 years, we have a pretty good idea how many leads we can send you in a geographical area. Of course, the larger the area where you can accept leads, the more leads we can send you. For example, if you can only accept leads from the Sacramento area then you will miss out on getting leads from other parts of the state (or country!). We are happy to check potential volume so just shoot us an email with your largest area and we will check!
This is always a question we get and for good reason! While we don’t hold a gun to your head to order a minimum number of leads, it is always a good idea to purchase enough leads for a fair test (sorry, buying one lead is not a fair test LOL!). If you look at our Lead Pricing page, you will find next to the pricing the recommended number of leads you should order. The minimum number of leads will vary based on lead category.
Simple answer is YES. Ordering leads from us is like ordering a meal from a fast food restaurant. You simply “place your order” by prepaying for the number of leads you would like to receive. We load that credit up in your account and as each lead is delivered it simply deducts (debits) from your credit. As your lead order gets low, we will ask if you want to reorder.

We know buying leads can sometimes be scary. There are some unscrupulous characters in this business. Like you, we’ve lost money from scammers before too. A couple of things: First, we’ve been in business for nearly 10 years with an impeccable reputation with our clients. Secondly, just do a Google search for “OnCore Leads.” Surely, if we were scamming people there would be online complaints about us. We are not about to tarnish our reputation over a lead order from a new client. Quite frankly, our reputation is worth more than that! The vast majority of our business is from recurring lead orders. No one wins from a single lead order. Lastly, we’ve been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list for two years in a row (https://www.inc.com/profile/OnCore-Leads).

Yes. We have a simple lead purchase agreement that clearly documents exactly what you are buying from us and our commitment to deliver those leads!

No. We don’t like recurring charges without consent so why should you? We will notify you as we get close to filling your lead order. You are free to reorder, or not. There is never an obligation to keep buying leads from us.

Absolutely! Unlike other agencies, OnCore Leads has NEVER sold a shared/semi-exclusive lead. Each lead is only sent to one buyer, and one buyer alone!

Yes. Within seconds of the lead being generated, our proprietary lead validation system called LeadChex™ will compare multiple validation points of the person’s contact information. If it passes LeadChex’s™ validation, it will be sent to you within seconds. No delay at all.

Yes! You will have your own online dashboard where you can track and manage your leads. If there is ever a question if you received a lead or not, it will be located here for safe keeping.

For most of our lead categories, we do allow you to return a lead if its bad (eg., bad contact information, etc). The simplest way is to submit the lead return request through your online dashboard. We tend to take your word for it when you tell us that the lead is bad. No one likes to arm wrestle over a lead here and there!

It is simple. We just need your business name and will prepare and send you the lead purchase agreement and invoice. Very easy.

We require a brief onboarding call (less than 10 minutes long) to briefly go over the process. We want to be sure everyone is on the same page about what to expect! Once that onboarding call happens we can literally flip you live that day. So, roughly 1-2 business days once you place your order.

The short answer is yes. While we can turn off the leads immediately in an emergency (eg., your power is out) we do like to receive at least 24 hours notice to pause any campaigns. That just helps us as we are running our campaigns.

Good question! It depends on the type of lead (ie., web for vs. call) and the lead category. Some of our campaigns such as our tax web form lead, we do require you to accept them 24/7. This should not be a problem since the leads are exclusive and you can call them at your earliest convenience. On the other hand, for campaigns like our motor vehicle accident qualified calls, you can dictate the hours to receive the calls. Check with us on your particular situation!

We are always here to help! You can always call us directly at 855-662-6735 or reach us by email at clientsuccess@oncoreleads.com.