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Affiliate Board

About OnCore Leads:

OnCore Leads has been a nationwide Pay-For-Performance platform for businesses in several categories (finance, legal, debt, and others) since 2014. Our model is built around connecting consumers with advertisers/service providers in their time of need to ensure maximum ROI for our advertisers and maximum benefit for our advertisers’ customer base. Therefore, we’re very selective in our approach to publishers/affiliates to ensure partners reach consumers with intent. All of our offers are bundled to provide for our thousands of advertisers/service providers. We accept calls from offline media (radio, TV, print, etc.) and from search (desktop/mobile—SEO/SEM), social or targeted display. Those calls are put through our IVR or call center to confirm customer intent (exact needs and location). From there we forward calls directly to the lead buyer.

Campaign Restrictions

We DO NOT want leads generated from the following methods (unless specifically authorized to do so):

  • Incentivized traffic
  • Co-registration surveys
  • Email blasts
  • Outbound call centers
  • SMS Text
  • Robo-Dials
  • Ringless Voicemails

All content and landing pages should be generic and should NOT make any representations that make it seem like we are performing the work. We help consumers find service providers – we do NOT perform any services ourselves. There should be no fake testimonials or reviews or claims that can NOT be proven or substantiated. All landing pages and creatives that will be used to generate calls should be submitted for approval.

Ping Post Payouts

We have thousands of direct buyers within our network and there are some that may pause their campaign or have certain times of day that they will accept leads or they have a budget that has already been met. Our goal is to monetize every lead at its highest amount but we may not always be able to monetize a lead with the top bidder. If the top bidder is not accepting leads at that exact time, we will send the lead to the next top bidder. We use dynamic ping post to sell most of the leads to our buyers. Ping-post is a method of selling leads based on providing (or “pinging”) potential buyers partial lead information and allowing buyers to bid on the partial lead. The winner is then given (or “posted”) the rest of the complete lead data.


All of your landing pages that will be used to generate leads must have a disclaimer at the footer, specific to the category of the website. Even if you are using a click to call only ad, the URL should still have a disclaimer. This is by means exhaustive as there are other legal requirements you should consider such as the CCPA, etc

Example of a disclaimer for Legal websites:

This site is not a lawyer referral service nor is it a substitute for hiring an attorney or law firm and does not provide legal advice. This site does not endorse or recommend any participating Third Party Legal Professionals that pay to participate in this advertising. An attorney-client relationship is not formed when calling the number on this site or filling out a form. Services are not available in all states or for all legal categories. All persons depicted in a photo or video are actors or models and not clients of any firm.

OnCore Leads Affiliate Dashboard

All active affiliates will be provided with a log-in to an OnCore Leads affiliate dashboard where you can see every lead that you sent to us and see how it was monetized. Our goal is to provide as much transparency into the disposition of your leads as possible to help you maintain successful and profitable campaigns. Our affiliate management team is always available to answer any questions that will help scale our relationship.