Merchant Cash Advance Leads

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Merchant Cash Advance Leads are real-time, exclusive leads delivered directly to you. These are merchants seeking working capital FAST! These leads are generated from either live broadcast television or radio commercials with merchants seeking working capital quickly. Once the merchant views or hears the commercial, they dial the toll free number. Their call is then live routed to your office number. It is just like they called you directly!

We also provide Merchant Cash Advance from merchants visiting our websites and completing the online web submission form. Once the merchant completes the web form, their full contact information is transmitted immediately to you, and only you! You then contact the merchant to take an application.

We get inquiries from merchants whom are needing to fund payroll, expand their business operations, or simply to pay down other debt. They are looking for a reliable lender who can loan them working capital in a timely manner.  Many of the MCA Leads we generate are from merchants whom have good/fair credit. More importantly, we screen all Merchant Cash Advance Leads to have a minimum of $10,000 per month in revenue and have been in business for 6 months or longer.

Many of our MCA lead buying clients purchase our Business Funding Leads/Merchant Cash Advance Leads in conjunction with their own advertising. We can help to supply additional high quality MCA leads to your current campaigns. We can still supplement what you are already doing.

We can provide a fast quote over the phone or by email of our current Merchant Cash Advance lead offerings. There are no long term contracts or set up fees. Our leads are a great way to build up your sales pipeline and your book of business now!